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YEAR: 2021

SIZE:  25M2


When approaching the design of the 2021 microhome we must take into consideration the most crucial differentiator that separates this microhome from ones of previous years: context.

The context is a global pandemic. One that arrived two years ago, and has us humans questioning everything we thought we knew about the spaces that we live in.

For us designers this is an opportunity. It is only so rare to come across periods in history where such topics can be observed on a universal level, with one common denominator uniting all grounds.

This thought is what led the question: how should humans live in 2021? What is different now from a practical and psychological standpoint?

From a psychological human needs standpoint- the answer is nothing. From a practical standpoint- our use and perception of spaces has changed.

With that said, basic human needs remain basic human needs. As long as we are designing spaces for humans, we must always keep that in mind. According to modern psychology the hierarchy of human needs are as follows: Food, water, shelter, sleep, others, and novelty.

These needs were always leading design principles, but what is different today is that we can hone in on the two values that were most effected by the pandemic, prioritize them, and translate them into design. The two values being: others and novelty.

“Others” refers to regular interactions (physical and psychological) with other humans, which allows the brain to naturally release hormones like oxytocin, and in turn allows to maintain a sense of well-being and self-care.

“Novelty” is any new experience that doesn’t come with a threat. It is a very important value because it brings forward the opportunity to learn and the potential to fail, i.e.: motivation. This process stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, also crucial to a healthy sense of long-term well-being.

How can we design a home that incorporates the above values, while keeping safe and staying true to global restrictions?



MH21 is a 25m2 unit that is designed from an upcycled train cabin.

Using the existing worldwide railway infrastructure allows for the values of “others” and novelty” to be translated into design.

This is because we are now looking at a moving home. One that supports the importance of meeting, interacting, and experiencing new people and places- safely.

Thousands of unused train cabins will be used as homes. And deserted train stations will be made into global communities, when the homeowners decide to park their homes in a desired location.

This dynamic space is tailored to meet the physical and psychological needs of the modern person.

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