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YEAR: 2020

SIZE: 85 M2


DUP20 is a 2-story apartment in a newly completed residential building that was partly restored.


The objective of this renovation was to design a space suitable for 2 adults and 3 young kids with functionality as its guiding principle. This had to be done while working within the limits of a very compactable space, using clean lines while keeping in mind the young tenants that would be dwelling in it. This would go against the cookie-cutter layout that came packaged in the building.


The main challenge revolved around the common area- located on the bottom floor, which needed to accommodate a very active kitchen, dining area, staircase, and living space all within 45m2.


The biggest challenge with this space was that there were no walls to latch on to. Walking in there is a very long wall that on the one hand gives you an amazing view but on the other consists of only glass doors and windows, leaving no solid surface for use.


This is where we had to get creative and find solutions to anchor the heart of the home in the most functional manner. The answer was custom designed carpentry, that would accompany all the spaces of the project and provide innovative solutions to maximize the space.

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