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YEAR: 2019

SIZE: 200 M2


TER won an honorary mention as a part of the YAC’s Calamity Atelier Competition, in addition to the prestigious A' Design Award for Interior Space & Exhibition Design 2019-2020.


The Calamity Atelier competition was based in the art forest of Arte Sella in northern Italy that was in recent years destroyed by a storm. The focus was to bring back life to the forest through the design of a number of spaces.


Design concept description:

Stability is a universal value one seeks to reach in their lifetime.


Given the recent events that shook the core of Art Sella, the basis of its recovery should be in the form of a stable foundation.


The design concept of TER, Malga Costa’s new restaurant expansion, derives from 3 main ideas:

1. What does a “stable” space feel like? Psychologically and physically.

2. The connection between the forest land and the food that is served at the restaurant.

3. How to integrate this space harmoniously into the forest in a way in which it will live cohesively with the neighboring artwork, nature, and people.


The idea of stability is translated through mass, shape, and materials. Different from most of the forest’s artwork, TER looks like a massive boulder rearing in the forest. The stone exterior makes up the majority of the interior as well, acting as its base material.


With the materials, there is a clear balance of old and new. The old acts as the foundation and pays homage to the area’s roots whereas the new alludes to a burgeoning future. Together, they play a game of layering and develop throughout the space.


The connection between the land and the food comes through the method of cooking in the restaurant- which is campfire cooking. In the center of the plan, there is an open outdoor space that is used to cook foods on an open fire. The plan is designed in a circular motion around the open space in order to fully commit to this concept. Everyone in the four areas of the restaurant can view and enjoy the chefs at work, creating a seemingly interactive dining experience.


The restaurant blends into its surroundings by acting as another rock in the landscape. It is differentiated by the smoke arising from its center, which creates a sense of allure and intrigue. It’s a sight that draws people in toward the center – reestablishing the core essence of Art Sella.

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